Here are a few quotes from reviews of DER SHRIMPKIN

"... if I were allowed to tout one one album this year, (der Shrimpkin) would be a shoo-in... deft musicianship and psychotic versatility. "
-- critic's top ten records of 1995, East Bay Express (Sam Hurwitt)

"... the best thing I've heard that had any relation to Mammoth records..."
-- Stubble

"... think of Zappa's compositional sophistication coupled with the marimba lounge-kitsch of Combustible Edison... urbane and weird to the core."
-- BAM

"... What's the coolest new band on the scene? Gotta be Eskimo, a bizarre kinda '90s Captain Beefheart. Rub noses with 'em if you get a chance!"
-- Might

"... you're in for a wild ride."
-- Lollipop

"... Eskimo's nutty expressionism and reasonless arty jazz makes the perfect soundtrack for those days when life itself seems a cartoon."
-- Sunday Herald, Calgary AB

"... dizzying amalgams of jazz, funk, rock, and cartoonish themes."
-- SF Bay Guardian

"... this disc is a must-have for your collection."
-- Rockpile

"uh... it looks like Waco is your #5 sales market..."
-- Mammoth Records

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